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CaspiGroup is a leading supplier of professional kitchen equipment. We offer a wide range of kitchen equipment for bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, fast food restaurant and supermarkets. Each customer in the assortment of our store can choose and buy only high-quality and practically experienced leading brands of equipment.


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Initial meeting

At the initial meeting we learn about the requirements of the manager and the chef, what type of kitchen they want to arrange, what volume and capacity equipment they need. Also at this stage we agree on a brand that will be in line with their wishes and requirements.

Taking measurements

At this stage, a visual inspection of the facility is ongoing if it is not possible to arrange the necessary engineering systems. At the same, the dimensional sizes are being inspected and the project is being updated accordingly.


Based on our practice, we mainly offer a mix of brands, since each brand has its strong and weak sides in industrial kitchen directions. After selecting the brands, we start an active communication with manufacturers.


After the installation of the equipment, the project manager together with the technical team will perform the installation according to the planned project. The technical team inspects the equipment for further operation.

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